How to make hearts from sausages, cherry tomatoes or grapes

I know I should have posted this a couple fo weeks ago in time for Valentine’s day, but I only just thought of this little trick again. It’s really quite cute and who needs it to be Valentine’s day to show our loved ones how we feel about them?
And they’re really quite quick to make, which is a bonus.

Butterfly sandwich decorated with FooDoodler food colouring mrkers and spaghettin antennae, sausage hearts & blueberries

You can make hearts out of other things like grapes or grape tomatoes, too.

For a sausage heart you need a small sausage, wiener or cheerio, a knife and a piece of uncooked spaghetti – that’s all.

Boil the sausage as usual, then cut diagonally through the middle and turn one half by 180 degrees.

Turn one end of the sausage around by 180 degrees and secure with one or two pieces of uncooked spaghetti. They will soften by lunchtime.
(If the sausages are too long to form a nice shaped heart, you can cut a section of the centre out to make the sides of the heart shorter)

Break off the excess spaghetti and you’re done!

You can use the same principle to make hearts from things like grape tomatoes (they’re like mini roma tomatoes) or grapes.

tomato heart

diagonally cut wedges off 2 similar sized tomatoes or grapes, Put the 2 large pieces together and secure with a couple of pieces of uncooked spaghetti