Mother’s Day Give-away

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I want to make one mum happy 🙂
Well, actually, I’d love to make all mums happy, but I’m just going to have to start somewhere…

I’m giving away a stainless steel lunch set:

1 800ml Sports Tanka stainless steel bottle
1 Kooler Cover (red or camouflage)
1 EcoLunchbox 3-in-1 2 tier lunch box
1 dressing bottle (plastic)
Combined value: $69.40


To enter, please head to our facebook page and share the competition with other mums you have on your friends list. Then come back here and comment on this post. Tell us a nice story about you and your mum. I will draw the winner with on Mother’s day (May 13) at 9pm. The winner will have to be a current liker of our facebook page. Items will be shipped free of charge within Australia only. If you wish to enter the competition but reside outside of Australia, we ask you to cover shipping costs.

If you’re still stuck for a mother’s day present, you can purchase the set here for an incredible saving of over 25%

To start with, I will share an incredible experience I had with my mother.

I have always loved my mum and idolised her. But just like many teenagers, my mum and I had our issues when I was in my late teens. At 20 I moved all the way to the other side of the world (from Germany to Australia). But we always talked a lot and visited each other at least once a year. Despite the distance, we grew closer, mainly due to me growing out of my teenager silliness. So much so that I wanted her present at the births of my children.
The birth of my daughter was amazing. But nothing could have prepared us for what happened when my son was born. My labour was so mild that I didn’t realise how fast it was advancing and by the time we were getting ready to go to the birth centre, it was too late. My son was born on our loungeroom floor, into his grandmothers loving hands with his big sister looking on.
Later that day as we were processing what had just happened, my mum said: “Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would become such a great team, that I would act as your midwife”
Mum, I love you more than words can say. And THANK YOU for all you have done and continue to do for me and our whole family.

Oma dozing in the winter sun with the grandson she helped deliver - 11 days after the "crazy" event