How to make sandwich pockets

Sandwich pocket owl

Decorate your finished sandwich pocket anyway you like

Sandwich pockets are great for messy fillings like egg salad or tuna and mayo. They make sure the filling doesn’t spill out everywhere. Much easier to eat – especially for a clutz like me.

They’re also awesome for kids. They’re easy to eat and look a bit different.

You can buy special sandwich pocket makers which are great if you make them a lot. But this method requires no special tools and gives a basic circle shape that lends itself to so many easy decorations. Faces spring to mind.
I have seen this explained on various blogs. The idea is not mine.

First you need 2 slices of bread. White works best, but wholemeal works, too. I haven’t tried it with multigrain but I’d imagine it would be a little difficult.
Then try and find a cup, glass or bowl with a diametre that fits inside the crusts of your bread slices. My coffe mugs work perfectly. Don’t choose something like a cookie cutter* that has a sharp edge.

I like to place the cup onto the bottom slice of bread to leave a very slight impression so that I can see the area I have to play with. Don’t butter your bread near the circular impression.

Place your filling onto the bread taking care not to get too close to the outline. Don’t overfill. Place the other slice of bread over the top and position the cup over the filling.

Push down slowly but firmly. You need to get a good seal but don’t cut through.
With a sharp knife, cut around the cup. Remove the cup and you should have a perfect sandwich pocket.

Use as is or decorate to your heart’s content.

*some cookie cutters have a folded edge on top. You can use them upside down