Mother’s Day Give-away

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I want to make one mum happy 🙂
Well, actually, I’d love to make all mums happy, but I’m just going to have to start somewhere…

I’m giving away a stainless steel lunch set:

1 800ml Sports Tanka stainless steel bottle
1 Kooler Cover (red or camouflage)
1 EcoLunchbox 3-in-1 2 tier lunch box
1 dressing bottle (plastic)
Combined value: $69.40


To enter, please head to our facebook page and share the competition with other mums you have on your friends list. Then come back here and comment on this post. Tell us a nice story about you and your mum. I will draw the winner with on Mother’s day (May 13) at 9pm. The winner will have to be a current liker of our facebook page. Items will be shipped free of charge within Australia only. If you wish to enter the competition but reside outside of Australia, we ask you to cover shipping costs.

If you’re still stuck for a mother’s day present, you can purchase the set here for an incredible saving of over 25%

To start with, I will share an incredible experience I had with my mother.

I have always loved my mum and idolised her. But just like many teenagers, my mum and I had our issues when I was in my late teens. At 20 I moved all the way to the other side of the world (from Germany to Australia). But we always talked a lot and visited each other at least once a year. Despite the distance, we grew closer, mainly due to me growing out of my teenager silliness. So much so that I wanted her present at the births of my children.
The birth of my daughter was amazing. But nothing could have prepared us for what happened when my son was born. My labour was so mild that I didn’t realise how fast it was advancing and by the time we were getting ready to go to the birth centre, it was too late. My son was born on our loungeroom floor, into his grandmothers loving hands with his big sister looking on.
Later that day as we were processing what had just happened, my mum said: “Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would become such a great team, that I would act as your midwife”
Mum, I love you more than words can say. And THANK YOU for all you have done and continue to do for me and our whole family.

Oma dozing in the winter sun with the grandson she helped deliver - 11 days after the "crazy" event

12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Give-away

  1. One of my fondest memories of childhood is how after a bath, I’d would dry off, then lay down on a towel in front of the open fire – mum would sprinkle talcum powder on me – rubbing it in always tickled – so we’d both be giggling. And it would make me all white and lovely smelling. Then I’d get dressed into my nightie and mum would brush my hair while we watched tv.

  2. I love mummy when she reads big boy books. Igloo (age 4).

    My son was asking what I was doing and he asked to tell a story about me. So I’ll just leave it with his story. I just helped him spell it.

  3. I was an awful teenager and put my parents through as much as I could, but I really hurt my mum. She didn’t give up on me though. When I was 16 I became pregnant, she was disappointed but she was there for me, despite what I’d put her through. Just 20 weeks later I had my son at 24 weeks, and again.. she was there for me in so many ways.

    A few years later I became crippled with depression. I pushed everyone as far away as possible and just let my life crumble around me. I lied to her, told her I wouldn’t be home when she wanted to come over, just because I wanted to be alone in my moping. Everyone else gave up on me, but not her. She hung on.

    She got me through it and life has been great ever since. She isn’t just my mum, she is my best friend and my inspiration. She is one of the fairest people that I’ve ever met, and at 53 she’s recently started another type of martial arts hehe. She might not be super woman, but she’s my super mum.

  4. My mum is amazing. She’s my best friend! I don’t have just one special memory, but many. We talk on the phone for hours, we drink coffee and natter like school girls, we shop and ‘do lunch’. She has taught me how to be a good mother to my own children. Love you Ma 🙂

  5. My best friend, my confident, my rock, my MUM!
    As a teenager i was an absolute nightmare. I swear i made the poor woman age 30 years from the age 13-18. I had no respect for authority what so ever and flat out refused to go to school. To busy getting drunk, being in trouble with police and smoking weed with kids double my age.
    Even though i pushed her away each and everyday, she was there for me each and every time when things turned out bad.
    She had a tough time as a single mum with an out of control child. But did an amazing job of raising me.
    Today, we are closer than ever. She was at present and helped me at the birth of my first child and continues to help and advice me with the raising of my children today.
    I love her to bits. Dead set best mum in the entire world. Love you mumsy!!

  6. Wow, I can’t say enough about my “Mom” she’s been here for me through thick and thin. My dad died when I was 7 so it was just the two of us and despite being a single mom there has never been anyone else in my life who has been there for me like she has. She has been right by my side through the births of all 4 of my beautiful children! She is my greatest cheerleader and sternest critic (but always constructive lol). One of the things that I chuckle about now was when mom became a girl scout leader just because she wanted to spend time with me – if you knew my mother you would crack up because she is so not a troop leader kind of girl!! I only hope I’m half the mom my mom is!

  7. My mum is one in a million! Not only was she always amazing when I was growing up, she is now an awesome Nana to my little man and princess on the way! There is nothing that she wouldn’t do for us and is always willing to help out in any way she can. To have a mum/nana like that, we are truly blessed 🙂

  8. My mum had four (kids) under four (years of age), she taught me to rely on myself, to be independent and to work hard to make my life how I want it. As a result, I have the right career, am married to the right man and we have two beautiful children of our own. We are currently visiting my mum for the Mother’s Day weekend. I closed my business for the weekend so that we could be here to say Happy Mother’s Day Mum, you did a wonderful job!

  9. My amazing Mum has a terrible crippling form of rheumatoid arthritis that has caused her to have six hip and knee replacement surgeries among many other operations, but she never lets it get to her and is always so positive. When I was in my twenties and travelling overseas, I lived in Austria for a year and my Mum came to visit me. We travelled around seeing the sights of Austria, and went down into Italy and then she carried on to France and Ireland, realising a dream of hers to see those beautiful places. She caught planes and trains and hired cars and saw everything she wanted to see, and our times together over there are so special and memorable. Nothing will stop her from doing what she wants to do and thats why she is so inspirational to me.

  10. There are so many memories I have of my mum,
    She was the strongest person I have ever known,
    I remember she just had her second lot of chemo & she was so sick, she took me out to the swings, she got up out of her wheel chair & she pushed me! I should have been pushing her, she was such an amazing lady!
    All I know is, Treasure every moment you have with your family guys cause in a blink of an eye, your everything can turn to nothing.

  11. I love my Mum!

    My parents divorced when I was 2 so I was raised pretty much single handedly by her. She worked long hours and gave up so much just so I could have nice toys & clothes and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

    She still has a great sense of humour and fighting spirit today even after surviving a cancer scare, another divorce, 3 teenagers and moving house 12 times!

    I love my Mum xx

  12. My mum is an amazing woman, she has 10 kids and yet she is always there when I need her.
    One of my fondest memories of mum was at my first birth. She was there along with my husband and my midwife. (I had a homebirth) My labour was a hard slog- 16 1/2 hours of hard work where I couldn’t sit or lie down and I was in a lot of pain. Mum held my hand and encouraged me, even throughout the night when my husband went to bed. She was amazing! I eventually had a healthy girl and was on top of the world and so glad I had shared the experience with mum.
    I later found out that she had suffered along with me but had hidden her tears and stayed strong and encouraging and I had no clue that she had cried!
    I understand now just how hard it was for her as I recently supported my daughter through a long labour.

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