April Fool’s

So, the Easter madness is over. But tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. Are you going to prank anyone?
I will prank my kids. Not a cruel prank of course. I’m not that evil. This one is so simple, I just couldn’t resist. And they get a little treat at the end.

Simply make a jelly out of their favourite juice, pour it into a glass, stick a straw in it and let it set in the fridge. Serve them this undrinkable drink without a word and watch their puzzled faces. You could pour it into a sippy cup, too!

Juice JellyMaking jelly from juice is easy:

100ml boiling water
1 Tablespoon powdered gelatine
400ml juice

mix boiling water (I used the kettle) with the powdered gelatine and stir until it’s all disolved. Add your kid’s favourite juice (I used V8), stir and pour into jelly moulds. Let it set in the fridge for 4 hours or longer.

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